spayed and housetrained Idaho

Hi everyone my name is Idaho and sadly I have a long horrible story to tell. I was originally rescued from a hoarder who had over 100 buns and a rescue stepped up for a bunch of us. I thought my life was going to improve however that rescue did not properly care for the buns and I was sadly let down again when some of us died from neglect. Thankfully I was rescued a second time and this time I am learning how to be loved and spoiled. I have been spayed and have great litterbox habits but am definitely a bit shy and would do best with a bunny savvy home. I do like other buns if anyone is searching for a mate for the neutered male bun. I love the company of other buns but because of my past humans are still scary to me. Just some time and patience and I will learn not all humans are bad.

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(NB: Please make sure you read from safety link above before sending any money to anyone.)

spayed and housetrained Idaho

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