medium dark agouti beautiful bunny, jaylen

Jaylen is a medium-sized dark agouti female who was found with three other bunnies, likely relatives of some sort. Jaylen is by far the most confident and assertive of the group. She is very active, and loves to redecorate her habitat - she''ll need lots of stuff to chew, rip and push around in her forever home. She also loves affection - she''ll jump into her litter box and stare at you until you respond, then hunker right down for petting. Finally, she''s very bright and feisty - she gets annoyed if you stop petting her and will even playfully lunge or claw at you if she''s not getting her way. This behavior is likely to be partly the stress of her circumstances and is unlikely to persist for long once she''s settle in a good home. Jaylen will need a home with lots of stimulation and att

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medium dark agouti beautiful bunny, jaylen

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