Steel, Light Gray and White Flemish Giants Young a

We have one pair of babies (11 wks) female....left. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for 4-H this year !! The male is a Steel Grey and the female is a Light Grey. This pair is BEAUTIFUL and should place with no problem. Thier mom's dad AND grandfather both took Best of Variety and the dad to these guys also took Best of Variety. They are both fully pedigreed. We also have the mom to these guys available she is app 1 yr old and is white. She is a big girl and weighs in around 16+ lbs. SHE IS A TERRIFIC MOTHER with a little attitude but an EXCELLENT foundation doe. She is also pedigreed with an all light grey background. We are asking $40 a piece for the young pair and $50 for the adult female. This is literally less than half of what they normally go for but we becoming very

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Steel, Light Gray and White Flemish Giants Young a

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