Handsome, cute young bunny

Hi everyone my name is Rhett and thats because my sister name (who is also up for adoption) is named Scarlett. I sadly have the same story as I was being bred for meat before I was rescued. Phew thank goodness that didnt happen. I have been recently neutered and am learning how to use my litterbox. I am picking this up quite quickly. I know my eyes scare some people but honestly this is just how I was born and their is nothing scary and mean about me. I am a bit on the shy side but I would certainly learn to come out of my shell if someone was willing to teach me what kindness was. I am really scared of super loud noises like the shop vac ( I hide) but otherwise I am quite curious and love exploring and racing everywhere. I love my timothy hay and fresh greens as I am young so I have a b

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Handsome, cute young bunny

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