Brood Doe Smoke Marten

I have a netherland dwarf smoke doe. She is a brilliant mum. Has had many beautiful litters she's very experienced and loves being a mum. She doesn't like being handled however. She's been like this since I got her at 7 months. She doesn't bite or scratch just runs away when you try and pick her up. She is very sociable to bucks and likes to play with them. She hates other does. She's generally a very good girl. She could be a pet or bonded to a buck. But you will have to understand she doesn't like being picked up. Pet Type : Rabbits Pet Breed : Netherland Dwarf (Breed Info) Advert Type : For Sale Advertiser Type : Private Seller Pets Current Age : 1 year, 3 months old

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Brood Doe Smoke Marten

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