Beautiful mom and babies

Hi everyone this is the Mom and speaking and phew I got lucky with a close call. I was purchased and cared for by a family who decided they wanted to breed me. I got pregnant and gave birth to 4 babies and then the family decided it was too much work for them so they took me to the nearest shelter and surrendered me. Thankfully the shelter reached out to the rescue and they took us all in as a family. I have been a great mom to my babies and they are now getting to the age that they can leave the nest. No one has yet to be fixed because my babies are too young and I was still nursing. I will be getting spayed shortly and my babies will all be fixed once they are old enough. My babies are a lionhead mix and 2 look like lionheads and 2 have more of a smooth coat like me. We all gorge ourselv

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Beautiful mom and babies

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