Beautiful bunny, Juliette

Juliette is a friendly girl in need of a home. She was found roaming McCarren park in Williamsburg, seemingly abandoned by her former guardian. She is a sweet girl who isn't a fan of being picked up, but will gladly hop in your lap and make herself at home. She greatly enjoys human company, and will happily stay still for hours when it comes to being groomed or petted. She is a chatty little girl, and needs to be in the loop of all things house related. She has been following our volunteers step by step, awaiting her chance to get some lap time, aka Jules' Me Time. When our volunteers dare be too busy to notice her gentle persuasion, Jules likes to alert us of her magnificent presence by some love bites, or back scratching. Facts about Juliette Breed: Tan Mix Color: Chocolate Age:

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(NB: Please make sure you read from safety link above before sending any money to anyone.)

Beautiful bunny, Juliette

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